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My name is Harold Lawrence. Here at Big Louie's Pizzeria in Eureka we're proud to offer wholesome gourmet pizza in a casual family dining setting. 


We make our delicious pizzas using fresh quality ingredients. My original pesto recipe is made with real pine nuts, 100% pure virgin olive oil, organic fresh basil, and organic spinach leaves. Our meaty & juicy BBQ Pork Ribs feature the famous locally made Smokin' Moses barbeque sauce.


Did you know? ~

Our traditional old-fashioned sauce and dough recipes come from original old Humboldt Italian family recipes.

We use only fresh vegetables cut by hand -- never frozen or pre-sliced!

We bake our pizzas on special screens for a lightly toasted crunch (no oil!).

We grate our cheeses daily, using only real California cheeses!

We buy local whenever possible. We proudly use Humboldt County's favorite barbeque sauce, Smokin' Moses. Every other pizza we have created ourselves.

We carry a variety of local beers!


We prepare our pizzas fresh daily from scratch using only the finest ingredients! We start with big blocks of premium cheeses and grate them ourselves daily! Then we bake our fine fresh dough on pizza screens instead of in pans for a lightly toasted healthier crust.

We buy only fresh whole vegetables – never pre-sliced or frozen, and we prepare them fresh daily for absolute freshness.

All of our pizzas are topped with carefully selected meats, veggies, and cheeses for the kind of quality you can taste!

On behalf of Big Louie's Family and Crew,

"Thank you for choosing

  Big Louie's Pizzeria!"

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